Students Jess Cooke and myself were tasked to work together to assist in the designing of Unitec's new experiential campaign craft soda – Inu. 
I began by taking a look at Unitec's brand values to help broaden my understanding of what Unitec is and what it stands for not just from a student perspective but from a brand perspective.
As this had to be a creation of a new brand we needed to look at how this helps amplify the Unitec brand but additionally speaks for itself and can be indpendant if need be. This informed how we could have this new product represent the same values but be represented in a product specific light.
Maori culture being close to the heart of Unitec, we thought it was just right to utilise a maori word as the name of the brand. We looked at 'Puna' and 'Ako' but the maori advisors that are part of the campaign highlighted that as a brand name this would be inappropriate and in this case we use 'Inu' instead. Inu simply means "drink" or "to drink" and this was a perfect name to use as it was inclusive and resonated with anyone that happened to have a mouth and tongue. 

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